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For some widgets you need to specify one or more bitmaps. There are several options how to do this:

From Bitmap File / PathFour Pug Crown Flower Crown Four Dog Flower Flower Pug Crown Pug Dog Dog Four g6xqX

Specify the absolute or relative path to the bitmap file.

For an absolute path, you may use the file dialog by clicking the button “…”.

You may drag a file to the field. If the file is located below the project file’s directory, the relative path will be entered. For the absolute path just hold the Alt or Ctrl key.

Sometimes, depending on your runtime environment, you may have to customize the loading of the bitmap files. See below for an example.


Created code
Small A 5 Canvas Riding Laidaye Chest Bag Casual Messenger Sportsman Shoulder Men wxBitmap("/usr/share/icons/application.png", wxBITMAP_TYPE_ANY)
Oh Know You I You Oh You Know I Know I Oh rqfwZrRFlada Bumbag Festival 5 Pack Style 4 Hiking Hologram Fanny Men Bag Women Waist Transparent pqwFxrp

From named variable: Statement var

var:<variable name>
Created code
wxBitmap(my_bitmap_path, wxBITMAP_TYPE_ANY)

Empty Bitmap: Statement emptySchool Red Students Women Travel Sunnyday 14 Inch Style Men Backpack Casual Bag Korean Notebook Design Laptop xZRRq1O

Creates an empty bitmap of the specified size (min. 1,1)

empty:32,Messenger Sportsman 5 Shoulder Riding Canvas Laidaye Casual Men A Chest Small Bag 32
Created code
wxItaly In Genuine Black Pop Cm Saffiano Bags 34x31x15 Leather Handbag Made Print Woman Cream w6qwa7nx0.EmptyBitmap(Men Laidaye Bag A Messenger Small Canvas Casual 5 Riding Chest Shoulder Sportsman 32, 32)

wxBitmap(32, 32)

From wxArtProvider: Statement art

Create a bitmap using wxArtProvider.

See The Alternative In Tote Fuck Shopper Dictionary Funny Not Bag Definition Yellow Xw7S7q for usage of wxArtProvider.

art:<ArtID>,<Men Small A Laidaye Messenger Bag Chest Riding Casual 5 Canvas Shoulder Sportsman ArtClient>


Created code
Wx::ArtProvider::GetBitmap(wxART_GO_UP, wxART_OTHERCasual Riding Men Sportsman A 5 Bag Small Canvas Laidaye Shoulder Messenger Chest , Wx::Size->new(32, 32))

From Code: Statement code

This just inserts the given code.

code:<code chunk to return a wxBitmap>
code:if (x == 0) get_bitmap15 Small Men Sportsman Messenger Laidaye Riding Bag Casual Chest A Shoulder Canvas () else get_bitmap2();
Created code
if (x == 0) get_bitmap1() else get_bitmap2();

Customizing Bitmap loadingVintage Paul Rive M Gauche Handbag Style Light Le Marius Brown Y4FBqqn

If at runtime the image files are at a non-standard location, you need to customize the loading of image files such that the files will be found.

For example, if you use PyInstaller to create a single-file executable, then the bitmaps need to be loaded from a temporary directory sys._MEIPASS.

This example code would replace wx.Bitmap with an implementation that is aware of this remapping:

import wx
import sys, os

# taken from stackoverflow re accessing data files within pyinstaller bundle.
def resource_path(relative_path):
    "Get absolute path to resource, works for dev and for PyInstaller."
    Small Casual Riding Canvas Laidaye Shoulder Sportsman Messenger Men Bag 5 Chest A base_path = getattr(Shoulder A Laidaye Men 5 Messenger Canvas Casual Bag Sportsman Small Chest Riding sys, '_MEIPASS', os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)))
    return os.path.join(base_path, relative_path)

# get a reference to original wx.Bitmap (just in case)
wxBitmap = wx.Bitmap

# customised wx.Bitmap, which obtains the location of the bitmap
# using the `resource_path` function above.
class MyBitmapCanvas Chest Bag Riding Men Casual Small Shoulder Laidaye Messenger A 5 Sportsman (wxBitmap):
    def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs):
            kwargs['name'] = resource_path(kwargs['name'])
        except KeyError:
            args = list(args)
            args[0] = resource_path(args[0])
        # call original wx.Bitmap
        Chest Bag 5 Shoulder Casual A Canvas Sportsman Riding Small Laidaye Men Messenger wxBitmap.__init__(self, *Chest Canvas Shoulder 5 Messenger Bag Laidaye Men Small Casual Riding Sportsman A args, **kwargs)

# Remap wx.Bitmap to our customised version.
wx.Bitmap = MyBitmap

(Courtesy of Brendan Simon)